Today, IT management concerns are 100% about business, and the vast majority of data centres do not respond to this dilemma, as they were formed in vastly different IT silos, implemented according to the growing need, which implied greater complexity, little flexibility, lack of scalability and elevated maintenance costs.

So then, what are the concerns of IT departments?

  1. Being more agile, valuable and affordable
  2. Complex manual processes and non-integrated infrastructure do not provide the power, simplicity and speed necessary for satisfying company demands. Additionally, applications grow 5 times faster than what IT can offer.
  3. IT battery management consumes 80% of time and budget allowance, and cloud expenses increase quickly.

How can we solve this problem?

  1. By responding to the growing and changing needs of the company.
  2. Increasing productivity and reducing operative costs.

And what should the new data insider offer in order to meet business needs?

  1. Offer an intelligent IT infrastructure that guarantees business continuity.
  2. Per-use payments offered by hybrid IT must be integrated into its services.

What is the best response, then?

HPE SimpliVity is a business-level hyperconverged platform that accelerates application performance, improves efficiency and resilience, and restores virtual machines in a question of seconds, reducing costs and directly aligning IT with company business.

Why is HPE SimpliVity
the best hyperconverged solution?


They allow easy integration of private and public clouds, simplifying IT Hybrid operations.


More virtual desktops with less hardware. Easily scale, back up, restore or clone a virtual machine globally in three clicks or less.


All IT infrastructure under the hypervisor on a scalable x86 platform, with low starting costs, better operative efficiency and improved performance.


Integrated backups and replication to guarantee data integrity and availability.


Improves application performance, frees up storage and accelerates backup and restore functionalities, both remote and local.


Management based on virtual machines simplifies daily operations and allows for data mobility without interruption, increasing productivity.

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