Indeed, one of the techniques that is giving the best results to date in the digital world, saturated by information and publicity, is content marketing that helps us get positioning, loyalty and increases sales through quality information targeting a specific audience

All partners have databases, with the main contacts and decision-makers of your clients. The quickest way of accessing them is being able to design actions that target your database for generating up-selling & cross-selling sales. Furthermore, you can also query the database of potential clients for those who have given their consent to receive information ("permission marketing").

With content marketing you will get benefits such as:

  • Find new clients
  • Maintain and make loyal your current clients
  • Be a reference in the sector
  • Increase your sales
  • Get ahead of your competition
  • Have a digital marketing strategy that you can develop over time

The most important in a content marketing strategy, is creating valuable and relevant content for your target. For this reason, the Horizon team, the Ingram Micro division of HPE, have created, designed and produced some communication tools on HPE SimpliVity so that you can transfer the advantages and benefits of this solution to your clients and leads so that they see you as a Partner specialist in this technology. With this campaign you can make direct contact with your clients, through marketing pieces personalised with your logo and information about your company. You can personalise by following the guide instructions.

If you wish to see the content marketing pieces that we have created for HPE SimpliVity, click on the following links:


Landing Page

These communication pieces are independent and can be sent separately, even though we would recommend that you perform 3 campaigns within a scheduled timetable. Content marketing is a strategy planned over time that increases the interest of the recipient every time they receive an impact.

We also give you a telemarketing script so that you can monitor the action and get the best results. There is a script for each campaign and a global one if you decide to send the 3 campaigns:


The first step to perform this content marketing campaign that we would recommend is to nominate someone in your company to drive the campaign. This person can get into contact with their Account Manager at Ingram Micro or enter their contact information on this form and we will contact them.

From Horizon, the Ingram Micro division of HPE, would like to encourage you to participate in this type of innovative initiative that will without doubt provide us with great benefits.