The key factor in VDI infrastructure stems from its scalability and the user experience, and as such, performance and availability must always be guaranteed. HPE SimpliVity lets you obtain a larger quantity of virtual desktops with less hardware, always with a business continuity guarantee:

  1. Reduce costs without sacrificing performance or resilience.
  2. Obtain more virtual desktops with less hardware.
  3. Scale easily when implementing new desktops.
  4. Globally back up, restore or clone a virtual machine in three clicks or less.

Although the benefits of virtualisation are well-known, the benefits of desktop virtualisation are showing an equal or greater impact on the modern business environment.

There are studies that indicate that 25% of all businesses count desktop virtualisation among their 10 top priorities, and another 25% include server virtualisation.

The increase in devices, worker mobility, and the challenge of increasing operative efficiency combine to make current desktop virtualisation and administration a challenge, and at the same time, a task that can collapse entire IT departments.

IT departments are expected to provide a productive, predictable and high-performing computing environment without forgetting to control operational and hardware costs, all without affecting the final user experience.


HPE SimpliVity offers proven reference architecture and hyperconverged applications for predictable, simple and ready-to-use scalability.

Scalable deployment

Implement storage solution that can be scaled from small POCs to large-scale companies.

Protect your critical applications

Protect your critical desktop applications and user data with comprehensive data protection offers

Solid availability

Guarantee continuous availability of user computing with resilient high-availability storage.

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